Why would I choose a pre-owned bike over a new one?
For the price! Each year, manufacturers launch new bikes on the market which reduces the value of bikes of previous years. At Cycling Avenue, we strongly believe that a certified pre-owned bike still has a lot of life left to live. Our tech geeks will make sure that all certified pre-owned bikes sold on Cycling Avenue meet the maximum standards of safety and performance to ensure each bike sold have a lot of kilometers left in the tank!
What does Certified Pre-Owned mean?
Before being certified, each bike received at our shop goes through a complete inspection and service to ensure that Cycling Avenue offers the best used bikes on the market, making them as high-performing as brand-new ones. All bikes sold on Cycling Avenue have been carefully inspected by our highly trained staff members.
How do I know which bike is best for me?
We try and provide as much information as possible about the bikes sold on Cycling Avenue in order to give our customers the best knowledge before making a purchase. Still not sure which bike is best for you? Contact our customer service team members here.