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Here, we give you tips that are good to know on and off the saddle. We'll make you discover new technologies in the bike world, geek out on bikes and parts comparisons, as well as equipment suggestions for your day-to-day needs on the bike.

Tubeless tires have been a boon to mountain biking for nearly two decades. Lately though, road riders are getting more options to go tubeless, but just because you can, should you switch to tubeless road tires?

Endurance bikes can be comfortable, lightweight, and fast – perhaps even faster than your current bike. To determine if you need an endurance bike, ask yourself what matters most when you ride, then match your priorities with the advice in this article.

Looking for a way to gain confidence and develop trust in your mountain bike journey? Here are 5 tips to help you feel at the top of your game mentally and physically.

Looking for road bike upgrades that’s worth the spending in 2023? Here’s 6 best upgrades for road bike tires, wheels, groupset, handlebar, frame and power meter!

Are you looking for a bike different from your mate but don’t want to sacrifice quality? Get to know these underappreciated brands and find a ride that matches your spark!

Are the classic unwritten rules of cycling still relevant? Maybe some still are but cycling is changing and its culture too. Here’s 5 new unwritten rules that we think should be add to the unwritten book!

The fact that cycling is simply so hard, explain why some “unwritten rules” emerged from the cycling communities. But with time, those rules became less of a safety necessity and more like a culture within the sport.

You may be wondering what to bring on your epic gravel ride? Here’s our complete kit of essentials for a long day on dirt roads!

There’s more to Canadian bicycle brands than just having a Canadian address. Each bike manufacturer has a flagship bike and a story to tell, keep reading to find out what makes these some of Canada’s top bicycle brands.

If you’re in the market for a bike, you may be wondering what the benefits are to getting a new bike or one that’s simply new to you. For starters, buying a second-hand bike is a far simpler process than buying say, a used car because it’s a lot easier to assess a bike’s condition without having to “look under the hood” for chassis or transmission failures.

Why do some bikes cost so much and how their prices are justified can spark a seemingly endless debate, especially since bikes continue to evolve annually. The price of a bike is the sum of the price of the individual parts. Simply put, bicycles are expensive because of the materials, manufacturing costs, and research and development that go into them.

In my experience, 2.8 inches Plus size tires are by far the best and only size bike tires you need to shred year-round in all conditions, without having to spend more money on other size tires, other style tires (i.e. studs), or other bikes completely.