What are the Best Mountain Bike size tires?

Alex Argy
  • 3 minutes

In my experience, 2.8 inches Plus size tires are by far the best and only size bike tire you need to shred year-round in all conditions, without having to spend more money on other size tires, other style tires (i.e. studs), or other bikes completely.  

Are you in love with biking, but not in love with the high costs that come with it? I’m there with you. There is only so many thousands you can put into this obsession before you say, “this is getting to be too much money”.  Or your partner will tell you that. So why not put that $ amount into one great bike that does it all? 

I love my bike from Trek – the Fuel EX 8 27.5 Plus - and can’t get over how much fun it is in the snow! I think I actually prefer winter riding on this then summer, as shocking as that may sound. 

When I bought it, it was expensive, and I didn’t anticipate riding it in the winter whatsoever, but winter came, I didn’t have a fat bike, and I saw all my Strava buddies posting their rides in the local trails, and I was itching to get out.  They all had fat bikes, but I didn’t and had no plans of getting one anytime soon after spending most of my bike budget on my Trek, so I sat and looked at my bike, and said… that’s it, I’m just taking it out. 

Once I just took it out and hit the first patch of groomed snow, I knew I was going to be doing a bunch of riding this winter!  I kept going out any chance the conditions were good, and I started enjoying the capabilities of what plus size tires can do in winter conditions.  I’d ridden a fat bike before, but this was nowhere the same.  I was already comfortable on this bike and knew how to handle it when I ride fast around turns, so I didn’t change much for my winter riding style, and found that I was clipping at impressive speeds for a winter trail ride.   

I was passing others on fat bikes and feeling great about it.  One day, I got home and looked at my Strava stats and saw to my surprise, that I was the fastest rider that week in one of the popular segments, and I wasn’t even aware or trying for time.  This blew me away!  I knew I felt fast on my plus tires, but didn’t realize I was going that much quicker than some of the more advanced fat bikers here.  

Don’t think you need a new bike to go out and enjoy.  You may just need one bike to do it all.  I’d recommend anyone looking to purchase a mountain bike to consider plus tires (2.6-3.2” tires) similar to my Trek running Schwalbe Nobby Nic Performance w/Addix compound, Tubeless, 27.5x2.80˝.  Tires similar to this, on any MTB, offer a bike that can do it all, all year round!  

Be sure to check out Cycling Avenue’s Mountain Bike selection often, and spec for bikes that run tires in this range for a great bike that will have you enjoying the trails in Canada, any time of year, all year-round!  You won’ regret it, and your partner will thank you for only having one bike! 

-Alex Argy, Cycling Avenue Ambassador

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