Three must-haves for spring

Emilie Hauss
  • 5 minutes

One day it's 5°C, and it’s 18°C the next. Spring is the season of unpredictable temperatures and it presents quite a challenge in terms of suiting up for a bike ride. Having tested a multitude of different clothing combinations, here are our three favourite must-haves to wear during periods of changing temperatures.

The sleeveless jacket

When a windbreaker seems too much, but the jersey and sleeves aren't enough, think about wearing a sleeveless jacket. This piece sits at the top of our must-have list to keep you extra warm in the torso area. Often windproof in the front and breathable in the back, you won’t shiver from moisture build-up. In addition, this piece is often so light that it can be easily packed into your back jersey pocket if the heat forces you to remove it mid-ride.

Knee warmers

In shorts alone, it's a little cold, in long shorts or with full leg warmers, it can get hot pretty quickly. Knee pads are the perfect bridge between the two. Thighs and knees, being among the most exposed body parts to cold and wind when cycling, can easily be protected with this piece of clothing that may seem insignificant, but is so practical.

The extremities

Shoe covers or toe covers can easily be game changers. If you have well-ventilated shoes and you're not afraid of cool winds or wet pavement, shoe covers will be your best ally in keeping you smiling throughout your outing without feeling maximum discomfort.

Covering your feet is important, but don’t forget about your fingers. Trying to brake or shift gears with frozen fingers is surely one of the biggest annoyances on a bike, and it can even be dangerous. Start your ride with long finger gloves, even if you must put them in your back jersey pockets in the middle of your ride. The bottom line is that prevention is better than a cure (or in this case, suffering).

Everyone has their own habits, winning combinations, and favourite pieces of clothing when it comes to dressing for the weather. But one thing's for sure, the weather shouldn't get the better of you on your bike ride. Figure out what you need, pick your must-haves, and enjoy the spring ride!