3 tips to enjoy fall cycling

Emilie Hauss
  • 3 minutes

It's easy to get caught up in the changing weather come fall. One day you're riding in a jersey & bib, the next day you're ready to break out a wool sweater with a pair of long leg thermal bibs. Then the weather gets tougher with night falling faster and rain showers suddenly becoming more frequent. But the elements don't have to be deal breakers that impact your enjoyment on the road. Here are a few tips that can help you savour your cycling season longer by knowing what are the best fall cycling equipments.

1. Stay warm, but not too warm

Cycling is a fast-paced sport, which is why there are many different types of clothing that can be adapted to each part of the body and that can be easily removed. As in many sports, the onion skin peeling technique is always preferred. The most important items in mixed weather are cuffs and leg (or knee) covers, which are easily stored in the back pockets of the jersey if it gets too hot. Other important items are extremity coverings, so think long gloves, thin tuque and shoe covers to keep your outings enjoyable.

Another very interesting & useful piece of clothing for fall is the ¾ length bib. It is just long enough to cover your knees, which is an important joint of the body to keep warm during colder seasons to avoid stiffness in your circular motion. Lastly, don’t forget about one of cyclists’ favourite must-have : the sleeveless windproof vest. It keeps your torso warm, your arms cool and it’s so light that even if you get too hot, you won’t feel it once it’s unzipped and flapping in the wind.

2. Stay dry

Whether you're riding a road bike, a gravel bike or simply riding to work, let’s be honest, the road is always more pleasant when dry. Although you cannot always predict the road conditions, you can, on the other hand, have a “just in case” rain kit in case rain clouds decide to show up. For this, you’ll want a jacket that is waterproof and breathable, to stay dry from the outside but also from the inside by prioritizing a fabric that breathes and can wick away moisture.  Another practical accessory that can be easily removed depending on the weather is the famous “ass saver.” Don't get caught by wet pavement and avoid a wet bib with this mini emergency fender.

3. Be visible

For your safety and the safety of others, being visible is essential during fall outings. With the sun setting earlier, having good lights on your bike is very important. There are many different wattages, both USB rechargeable or battery operated, that can illuminate the front and back of your bike. Also consider wearing visible clothes, and don't hesitate to wear fluorescent items either. They’re in style! Finally, use reflective stickers: they come in many colours and are easily camouflaged with your bike.

Get out in the fall and don't let the weather discourage you from these special outings. Think of your comfort and safety, and enjoy your rides until winter arrives!