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Get all the knowledge & recommendations you need to make an informed choice when buying a new bike or new bike accessories through our buying guides. Learn how to develop new skills you didn't know you needed!

Bikes have evolved rapidly over the last few decades, moving from the original steel frame to lighter alternatives. Today, there are multiple options of frame material to choose from, making the decisional process a bit harder, especially for pre-owned bikes.

Our body is like a car and needs energy to move forward. During an effort, the three necessary sources of energy are carbohydrates, lipids, and proteins. If you are participating in a competition, especially one that lasts longer than 1.5-2 hours, it is suggested that you replenish your glycogen, which is commonly referred to as carbo-loading.

To have a safe and enjoyable riding experience, it is absolutely key that the air pressure in your tires is properly adjusted. As the only point of contact with the road, tires can make the difference between a pleasant ride or a nasty fall that could have been avoided.

Cycling Avenue’s rigid bike travel case service is an easy, simple and safe way to ship your bike to us if you are looking to sell it directly to us or participate in our trade-in program.

It’s no secret that having a properly adjusted bike will make cycling experience much more enjoyable and even reduce the chance of injuries over time. The goal of this guide is to provide a basic understanding of bike fitting principles so you’ll have a great starting point and ride as soon as possible.

Your new bike is assembled and the pedals are the last thing you need to install before heading on its maiden voyage. Piece of cake, you say? Well, this easy procedure contains on element you don’t want to overlook!

Selling or trading your bike at Cycling Avenue is a simple and safe way to turn your bike into cash or to upgrade. Our used bike appraisal technique allows us to quickly give you an accurate and fair value based on the year, make and model.

The process of selecting a helmet may seem trivial to some, but it's a very important step in ensuring head safety while cycling.

There’s a moment in a cyclist's life when, desiring to push themselves beyond their own limits, a critical choice must be made with respect to switching to clipless pedals.

Mountain biking has evolved a lot over the last four decades and with that came the apparition of multiple sub-categories of mountain bikes.

Buying a bike might seem like a simple task, but there are plenty of things to consider to zero-in on the perfect bike for you. Different bikes are designed for different purposes and the price should not be the only deciding factor.

Electric bikes, known as E-Bikes, are currently at the center of a global revolution in the world of transportation. All over the planet, more and more people are trading their car for an e-bike to commute to work, get their groceries, and transport their kids to kindergarten.

Hybrid bikes take features from road and mountain bikes. They are usually designed with a light frame very similar to road bikes and flat handlebars commonly found on mountain bikes.

Many people find it hard to differentiate triathlon and time trial bikes as they look similar when put side by side. Both these bikes share a lot of traits and have a similar design, including aero bars and a slender frame for aerodynamic efficiency.

It's that time of year! After many months of riding your bike, you can't take it outside every time the sun comes out. Spring, on the other hand, is synonymous with melting snow, which is also synonymous with wet and dirty roads.

Gravel bikes and Cyclocross bikes are quite hard to distinguish: Both bikes share key design elements, including dropped handlebars, wheel diameter, and knobby tires. Although both Gravel and Cyclocross bikes can be used in similar riding conditions, they are optimized for their specific purpose.