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Alex Godbout Simard
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Falling leaves and colder weather usually mean the end of the season for most cycling enthusiasts. It also means that the time has come to think about what your fellow cyclist would want for his or her holiday gifts! This guide will propose a few interesting options at many price points for beginner to advanced cycling fans.

$50 or less

Cycling Essential Kit - $33.50 ($31.10 USD)

The Cycling Avenue Cyclist Essential Kit has everything you might need for a bike ride. Composed of four items, the set includes a BPA-free bidon, a bottle holder adapting to all types of bottles; a multitool that will get you out of the jam in the middle of the trails, and a high-performance lubricant MINT'N DRY.

Blackburn Switch Mini-Tool Multitool - $31.99 ($25.99 USD)

Perfect for the apprentice mechanic or just to be ready for anything, this tiny but super functional kit includes all the fittings you need for outdoor or home repairs! Individual T or L handle tools give you more leverage for hard-to-get bolts and screws.

Blackburn Grid MTB Seat bag - $29.99 ($17.95 USD)

This small saddlebag is perfect for bringing the essentials! Discreet but practical, you forget it when it’s installed and does not interfere in any way with the movements during your bike ride.

Blackburn AirStik SL Mini-Pump - $38.99 ($31.59 USD)

An excellent product for cyclists who want to travel light: This pump can be stored in your jersey or saddlebag. If you want a lightweight and reliable solution, the Airstik SL is the perfect ride companion!

Fox Dirtpaw Gloves - $32.95 ($26.99 USD)

A low-cost, high-performance mountain bike glove, the Dirtpaw gloves have reinforced joints to tackle any obstacle found on the trails. The hook-and-loop closure provides a secure fit and the built-in stretch gives you maximum dexterity in all riding conditions.

Gore Wear Universal SO Arm Warmers - $47.99 ($47.99 USD)

These arm warmers will allow you to extend your training in cooler and windy weather, without having to buy a new long-sleeved jersey! This GORE WINDSTOPPER product is completely windproof, extremely breathable, and water-resistant.


Blackburn Click USB Combo Lights - $57.99 ($41.99 USD)

This small but powerful light kit is rechargeable, so you never have to change the batteries again. Just charge with the micro-USB cable and secure it with the silicone brackets. Rain resistant, they make perfect training companions when it's getting dark.

Garneau GRoad Frame Bags - $59.99 ($47.99 USD)

Ready for your daily commute or your next outdoor adventure, the GRoad Frame bag is strong, durable, and 100% waterproof. It fits all frames and has a capacity of 2L, perfect for replacing a saddlebag and putting everything you usually carry in your jersey pockets!

Blackburn Core 2 Pump - $64.99 ($52.99 USD)

Working with all types of valves, this floor pump is the fastest and most efficient way to pump your tires before every ride. The big gauge allows easy reading of the desired pressure. A must for cyclists of any discipline!

Gore Wear Universal WS Thermo Gloves - $74.99 ($59.99 USD)

For the rider who isn't slowed down by cooler temperatures, the Gore Windstopper Thermo gloves combine Gore Windstopper technology with a thermal lining to keep your fingers warm. Its construction is windproof, water-resistant, and highly breathable for optimal performance in all conditions.


Garneau GRoad Seat Bags - $119.99 ($95.99 USD)

Ready for your next outdoor adventure, the GRoad Seat saddlebag is strong, durable, and 100% waterproof. The 7L capacity is the ideal size for bringing a large amount of spare clothing or camping equipment. Its sturdy construction greatly minimizes side-to-side movement when pedaling, making sure the bag and its content will stay in place during your off-grid adventure.

Fox Speedframe MIPS Helmet - $139.99 ($109.95 USD)

Ideal for mountain bike enthusiasts, this Fox helmet, despite its affordable price, has been designed with the MIPS membrane for increased protection during crashes. A 3-position goggle-compatible visor and 360-degree adjustment make the Speedframe one of the best options for its quality and price.

Gore Wear Universal Gore Windstopper Gloves - $119.99 ($109.99 USD)

With increased insulation under the GORE® WINDSTOPPER® fabric layer, this glove will protect your fingers on frigid days. Perfect for Fat Bike or winter commuting, these gloves offer optimal protection against winter cold. When the temperature rises, you can open the side zipper to let in some cooler air so you can ride comfortably without breaking a sweat.

Garneau Hero Helmet - $124.99 ($111.99 USD)

Tackle every turn and descent with confidence with the lightweight Hero helmet. Featuring Garneau's Spiderlock® Profit system, this helmet can be adjusted with one hand. The 22 vents and ventilation channels provide better air circulation around the head, perfect for riding in the summer heat.

Cycleops Fluid 2 Trainer - $219.99 ($169.99 USD)

No need to break the bank to train this winter! This inexpensive home trainer uses a silent fluid resistance to simulate a fixed gradient. You only have to change gears on the bicycle to feel more or less resistance. It works without electricity and can be stored flat and out of the way!


Tacx Flow T2240 Trainer - $479.99 ($369.99 USD)

One of the best entry-level home trainers that also works with Zwift, the Tacx Flow is the most affordable way to ride with friends in the virtual world of Watopia! Powerful even though the Flow Smart flywheel is compact, it’s able to reproduce an inertia effect giving sensations similar to outdoor training. It can simulate realistic slopes of 6% and generates up to 800 watts of resistance.

Bird One - $799 ($699.99 USD)

What? An electric scooter?? Reduce your travel times to cycle more with Bird electric scooters! Go wherever you want with an impressive 40 km range and a top speed of 29 km h. Thanks to the GPS and the Bluetooth application, you will be able to consult the history of your movements, lock, unlock, locate and follow your Bird if someone is trying to run away with it.

Tacx Neo 2T T2875 Trainer - $1819.99 ($1819.99 USD)

One of the best options on the market, the Tacx Neo 2T has just been optimized and is now even quieter and more powerful than ever, making the Neo 2t the perfect choice for all avid riders. Precise, quiet, and powerful, the Tacx Neo 2T can even simulate the feeling of riding on gravel or cobblestones. It allows a few degrees of movement so that it can follow the natural course of your body to improve the feeling of realism, making winter training much more enjoyable!

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