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This is the time of the year when you can think of a little something special for someone in your entourage. As lucky as you are, here at Cycling Avenue we created a list of products listed by categories to give you some of the best ideas to give to your gravel bike rider as a gift for the holiday season with the greatest deals on sale!

We hope we can help you get your gravel bike passionate hyped for the next season!

In this Black Friday & Cyber Monday shopping guide, you’ll find:

  • Useful suggestions split into product categories
  • Gravel bike-related gift suggestions for your budget
  • A quick description of each product and their features

Here are our top 8 categories for Gravel bike gift ideas:


Sweet Protection Outrider

The Sweet Protection Outrider is a swag helmet for all types of gravel biking that uses impact technology inherited from the premium models and is housed in a compact, cost-effective package. The Outrider offers great comfort, outstanding protection, and is lightweight. Without losing performance, this helmet may be worn during a frantic race as well as a leisurely ride through the city.

The Sweet Protection Outrider helmet features:

  • Versatile road bike helmet
  • Lightweight
  • Highly ventilated
  • Comfortable
  • Superior protection
  • Purchase includes Comfort Pads in two different thicknesses for the ultimate customization


Buy Sweet Protection Outrider Helmet

Garneau Equipe

Our most recent illustration of how aerodynamics, breathability, and general use overlap is the Equipe Helmet. The Garneau Equipe is set out to create a lightweight aerodynamic helmet, that has lots of ventilation, and aerodynamic benefits.

The Garneau Equipe helmet features:

  • Number of Vents: 33 vents
  • Straps: New V-lock divider
  • Padding: X-Static® XT2T: quick-drying antimicrobial material
  • S: 20 1/2'' - 22 / 52 - 56 cm
  • M: 22'' - 23 1/4'' / 56 -59 cm
  • L: 23 1/4'' - 24 1/4'' / 59 - 62 cm

Price: $53.99

Buy the Garneau Equipe helmet


Continental Terra Speed

The Continental Terra Speed tire is a great choice for a rider that wants to roll fast on multiple types of terrain conditions and has increased comfort. Let the continental’s brand-new gravel Terra series be the drawn-out tour or the quick detour on the way home. They are designed to get you through both smooth and rough.

The BlackChili compound and the numerous tiny knobs guarantee great grip on nearly any surface. They are placed such that there is little rolling resistance and that you can move forward swiftly at any time without becoming fully worn out. Breakdowns are nothing to be terrified of. The Protection insert and the option to drive tubeless significantly lower the danger of a flat tire.

The Continental Terra Speed tires feature:

  • Protection technology: a layer of Cordura nylon placed in the sidewall puts material only where it is needed for increased durability and improved air retention
  • The TL technology is specifically designed to offer tubeless for road cycling demands.
  • Specifically developed the tubeless bead seals through their unique shape and provide stable fitting on the rim.
  • Black Chili Compound built into the 3/180 TPI tread
  • Easy to install and reliable in use.

Price: $60.99

Buy the Continental Terra Speed tires

Challenge Gravel Grinder

This Challenge Gravel Grinder tire has a knobbier shoulder tread and a file tread core and is designed for all-purpose or dirt/gravel roads.

The Challenge Gravel Grinder Tire features:

  • 120 TPI
  • The file tread center pattern offers low rolling resistance on smoother terrain and increased grip when the road gets rough
  • Shoulder tread is more aggressive for corner confidence and additional control
  • The Gravel Grinder is ideal for hardpack, gravel, sand, loose, and rocky terrains

Price: $39.99

Buy the Challenge Gravel Grinder Tire

Tubeless Plug multi-tool

Blackburn Plugger

Lies were said by the rider who claimed that tubeless tires never have punctures. For tubeless tires, the Blackburn Plugge Multitool provides a rapid, one-shot tire-plugging solution in only 10 seconds for a long-lasting fix!

The Blackburn Plugger Multitool features:

  • The tool's handle can store up to ten spare plugs. Strap the holster to the top tube with the included straps, tape it to your Seatpost, and zip-tie it to a fork leg.
  • A quarter turn is all that's needed to release the tool from its holster

Price: $24.99

Buy the Blackburn Plugger Multitool

Bike Bag

Blackburn Outpost Frame bags

The Blackburn Outpost Frame bag let the possibility to accommodate mission-critical equipment in an expanded bottom compartment.

Blackburn’s Outpost frame bag has been carefully analyzed to figure out what can go inside each of the bags before designing the compartments, pockets, and other features to ensure

that everything has a place. Water resistance and further protection are provided by the coated 210 ripstop nylon and polyurethane zippers. The Blackburn’s bag has a mounting device that is adaptable to fit most bikes.

  • The Blackburn Outpost Frame Bike Bag features:
  • Water bladder hydration port on the drive side
  • Highly Water-resistant material
  • Expandable bottom for more capacity when you need more room
  • Straps can mount in multiple locations for a secure fit
  • Mounting Options; Hook and loop

Price: $70.99

Buy the Blackburn Outpost Frame bag

Garneau GRoad Handle Bags

The GRoad Handle Bag is sturdy, long-lasting, and waterproof, making it ready for your next outdoor excursion or commute.

The Garneau GRoad Handle Bag features:

  • Handle bag Dry bag made to fit on flat handlebars
  • Nylon / Hypalon for extreme durability
  • 2 hook-and-loop straps to stabilize around the handlebar
  • Double Roll bag opening with buckles for easy opening and storage
  • Air compression valve
  • All seams are sealed to stay 100% dry
  • Reflective elements for safety
  • 7 L / 180 X 390mm

Price: $47.99

Buy the Garneau GRoad Handle Bag


100% Slent

The 100% Slent gravel Sunglasses is inspired by glacier glasses. These sunglasses have a larger, more adjustable fit that offers excellent coverage.

The 100% Slent Sunglasses feature:

  • Ultra HD lenses manufactured from shatter and impact-resistant polycarbonate materials
  • 6-base frame design for a sleek, comfortable fit
  • Complete full-spectrum UV protection, including UVA, UVB, and UV400 wavelengths
  • Hard-coated scratch-resistant lens
  • Hydrophobic + Oleophobic lens treatment repels water, oil, and dirt
  • Durable, flexible, and lightweight TR90 frame
  • Ultra-grip rubber nose and temple tips provide a secure fit

Price: $118.99

Buy the 100% Slent Sunglasses

100% Speedtrap

The motocross brand 100% has made its jump into cycling. A brand-new, substantial six-base single-lens shield enhances protection and field of view. We deliver better vision and clarity by emulating your eye's organic shape. cooling vents, as well as three-way adjustable temple arms for a perfect fit. The best performance is paired with an aggressive futuristic style.

The 100% Speedtrap Sunglasses feature:

  • The new quick-release lens system
  • 100% UV protection
  • Durable, flexible, and lightweight TR90 frame
  • Three-way adjustable temple tips provide a secure comfortable fit
  • Ultra-grip rubber nose and temple tips provide a secure fit
  • The lens features scratch-resistant coating and HYDROILO treatment to repel oil and water

Price: $154.99

Buy the 100% Speedtrap Sunglasses


Chromag Insight Tee

The Chromag Insight Tee is made of a 60% cotton and 40% polyester blend that makes the t-shirt extremely soft. The t-shirt is greatly breathable and is also light, these perks let the riders benefit from a great ride experience.

Price: $20.99

Buy the Chromag Insight Tee Jersey

Endura Singletrack Lite Wicking

The Singletrack Lite Wicking T from Endura has a pleasant cotton feel and a quick-drying performance fabric that keeps you cool. The t-shirt also has an antibacterial finish that keeps you feeling fresh all the way down the mountain. Additionally, the flatlock seams on this crew neck shirt enhance strength and comfort.

The Endura Singletrack Lite Wicking features:

  • Fast-wicking cotton touch fabric
  • A special antibacterial finish is added to prevent odors
  • Casual design just as stylish off as on the bike
  • Crew neck style collar with taped neck seam
  • Flat-locked seams adding durability and comfort

Price: $32.99

Buy the Endura Singletrack Lite Wicking


Fox Racing 8’’ Flexair Merino

With the Fox Racing socks, your feet will be comfortable all day if you know you'll be going for a full pull. The 8" Flexair Merino Socks are a pair of thin, breathable, and completely reliable socks. Also, these socks won't slide off your feet thanks to their rib-knit upper.

The Fox Racing 8’’ Flexaire Merino socks features:

  • Mesh zones provide added breathability
  • Compression arch support for superior fit and comfort
  • Flat-stitch toe construction offers improved comfort

Price: $26.95

Buy the Fox Racing 8’’ Flexaire Merino socks

Fox Racing 8’’ Defend Crew

The 8" Defend Crew Socks are a trail-ready socks designed for challenging rides and everything else the day may bring. All-day comfort is guaranteed with these high-cushion socks' compression arch support and trail-specific cushioning at the heel, toe, and shin.

The Fox Racing 8’’ Defend Crew features:

  • Rib-knit upper won’t slide down when the trail gets rough
  • Flat-stitch toe construction offers improved comfort preventing chafing and irritation

Price: $24.95

Buy The Fox Racing 8’’ Defend Crew Sock


Blackburn Airstik SL Mini Pump

A fantastic option for gravel bike riders looking for the most basic small pump. It may be kept in your jersey or saddle bag because it is so lightweight and portable. The Airstik SL is a fantastic tool if you do not want to use anything else than Co2 cartridges but still need a portable and dependable option.

The Blackburn Airstik SL features:

  • Presta only
  • 85 g
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Maximum Pressure 160 psi

Price: $21.99

Buy the Blackburn Airstik SL Mini Pump

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Falling leaves and colder weather usually mean the end of the season for most cycling enthusiasts. It also means that the time has come to think about what your fellow cyclist would want for his or her holiday gifts! This gift guide will propose a few interesting options at many price points for beginner to advanced cycling fans.