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The holiday sale events are always a good way to find good deals and to find more affordable road bike products. If you’re looking for the best gift to give to your beloved road bike cyclist, you can find some of our best gift ideas for road riders in this article! 

In this Black Friday & Cyber Monday shopping guide, you’ll find: 

  • Affordable suggestions split into product categories 
  • Road Bike related gift suggestions for your budget 
  • A quick description of each product and their attributes 

Here are the top 10 categories of ideas to gift to a roadie in your life: 


Garneau Hero  

This lightweight Garneau Hero helmet of only 255g will let you ride every turn and descent with confidence and an aerodynamic shaping for better airflow to the head which is great for riding during warm weather. This helmet is best suited for riders who are looking for an affordable aero helmet. 

This helmet has the Tri-Glide PRO strap system that allows you to comfortably fine-tune your fit and features the Garneau’s SpirderLock ®  Pro adjustment system. This helmet also has a great fit with a deeper resting position and features Garneau’s SpirderLock ®  Pro adjustment system. Also, the Garneau Hero helmet has a strong inner nerve, a Ringlock frame ring, and Super MSB technology at the back that works together to produce a sturdy internal structure and offers great protection. 

The Garneau Hero helmet features: 

  • Technology: Evacuation channels: Moisture evacuation channels provide better airflow and moisture wicking. - Inner frame which solidifies the helmet's structure and provides excellent ventilation. 
  • Strap Color: Black 
  • Weight: 9 oz / 255 g 
  • Construction: In-Mold: Industrial process binding the microplastic and polystyrene together to add superior mechanical properties to these materials 
  • Number of Vents: 22 vents 

Price : $62.99

Buy Garneau Hero Helmet 

Sweet Protection Outrider  

The Outrider is a stylish helmet for all sorts of road biking that uses impact technology inherited from our high-end models and is packaged in small affordable packaging. The Outrider provides excellent comfort, superb protection, and low weight. This helmet may be used for both a ride around town and a fast-paced race without sacrificing performance. 

The Sweet Protection Outrider helmet features: 

  • Versatile road bike helmet 
  • Lightweight 
  • Highly ventilated 
  • Comfortable 
  • Superior protection 
  • Purchase includes Comfort Pads in two different thicknesses for the ultimate customization 

Price: $100.99 

Buy Sweet Protection Outrider Helmet 

Bontrager Specter Wavecel  

Increase your level of protection with the Bontrager Specter Wavecel helmet. The Specter is a mid-price helmet equipped with WaveCel technology. 

For regular rides on highways, trails, gravel, and other surfaces, Bontrager Specter WaveCel delivers the finest in adaptability and comfort. This new generation of protection gives you the confidence you need everywhere you ride or race, from mud to concrete, quickly or slowly. Inside the helmet is a foldable cellular structure called WaveCel. 

The Bontrager Specter Wavecel helmet features: 

  • BOA® Fit System lets you easily secure and adjusts helmet fit with just one hand 
  • Fidlock magnetic buckle fastens effortlessly for a quick, secure fit 
  • Highly ventilated design offers more airflow to keep you cool 
  • Soft, comfortable, moisture-wicking, and washable helmet pads 
  • Reflective elements on the back of the helmet offer enhanced visibility to be seen 
  • Complies with U.S. CPSC safety standards for bicycle helmets for persons aged 1 and over 

Price: $111.99 

Buy Bontrager Specter Wavecel Helmet 


Kask Mojito 3  

The Kask Mojito 3 is one of the safest helmets with significant improvement in front, rear, and top impacts out there on the bike market. Its safety has been proven over the passing of the KASK WG11 test and by surpassing the European safety standards by 48%. The Mojito gives the rider a precise fit and comfort while weighing only 230g thanks to its ergonomic Octo Fit retention system and excellent Blue Tech helmet padding. 

The Kask Mojito 3 helmet features: 

  • Iconic tail design. 
  • Signature front lines. 
  • Classic rounded lower shell. 
  • Octo Fit retention system for ergonomic comfort. 

Price: $189.99 

Buy Kask mojito3 Helmet

Bike pump 

Blackburn Mammoth Anyvalve  

This Blackburn Mammoth Anyvalve mini pump, which is crucial for your road excursions, creates a hurricane-force air blast with its large barrel. You can quickly get back on the road thanks to the larger design, which is composed of sturdy yet lightweight aluminum and produces more air each stroke with valves that fits Presta and Schrader types. 

The Mammoth Anyvalve pump features: 

  • 90 PSI maximum pressure 
  • Anyvalve™ pump head 
  • Tough aluminum barrel 
  • Folding T-handle 
  • Bike mount included 
  • 145 grams 

Price: $24.99 

Buy Blackburn Mammoth Anyvalve

Blackburn Grid 1 floor  

The Grid 1 pump has multi-purpose from inflating tires to yoga or sports balls. The Blackburn’s Grid 1-floor pump features a LOCJAW pump head that automatically fits Presta and Schrader valves.  

The Blackburn Grid 1 Floor pump features: 

  • Steel barrel, composite base, and handle 
  • 2" gauge Easy-to-read 
  • 32" hose 
  • Ball needle 
  • 24" HEIGHT 
  • Max pressure: 190 KPI 

Price: $40.49

Buy Blackburn Grid 1 floor pump 

Garneau Air Elite 

The Air Elite Pump will assist you in getting those tubes to the required PSI and is ideal for the car or garage. The auto-select head installs easily, and the extra-long hose makes it easy to access the valves whether they are Schrader or Presta valves. 

The Garneau Air Elite pump features: 

  • Pressure: PRESSURE: 160 PSI 
  • Gauge: Oversized and easy-to-read soft over-molded polymer gauge 
  • Steel base and barrel 
  • Extra-long hose 
  • Inflation needles 

Price: $52.99
Buy Garneau Air Elite pump  

Blackburn Airstik Anyvalve 

This dual-action pump's small size and strength enable you to swiftly inflate tires without exerting yourself. The dual-action design, which inflates your tire during both push and pulls strokes, makes it so magical. It is a fantastic option for all types of road cyclists. 

The Blackburn Airstick Anyvalve pump features: 

  • 160 PSI 
  • Dual-Stroke 
  • Anyvalve pump head 
  • Tough aluminum barrel 
  • Folding T-handle 
  • Bike mount included 
  • 137 g 

Price: $21.99 

Buy Blackburn Airstrik AnyvalveMini Pump 

Bike Bags 

Oxford Aqua V32 Double Bag 

This durable high-quality road bike commute bag is good for every season from summer to winter with its rugged, very protective, and waterproof PVC tarpaulin materials. This is a good cost-effective gift for a rider that commutes to work all year round.  

This Oxford Aqua V32 double bag features: 

  • 32 liter capacity pannier (2 x 16 liter bags) 
  • 360° reflective detailing on the back and sides 
  • Waterproof roll-top closure 
  • Roller top with buckle closure on sides 
  • Reinforced back panel 
  • Durable enforcement 
  • Cantra carry handle 
  • Material type; ‎Polypropylene 

Dimension: 42cm x 32cm (Upper bag) and 23cm x 17cm (Lower bag) 

Price: $143.99 

Buy Oxford Aqua V32 Double Bag 


Spect Flow Eyewear 

The Red Bull Spect Flow Cycling sunglasses are the best choice in terms of comfort and stability with their reduced contact pressure and are curved to fit your face with automatic face-molding mobility. Part of the new generation of sports glasses, The Flow sunglasses are a lightweight frame that delivers solid performance during rides. These lenses are 100% UV protective, they absorb impacts and offer optimum ventilation. Also, their lens is polarised and hydrophobic, and anti-scratch enables optimum visual clarity without any unobstructed views. 

These Spect Flow Eyewear sunglasses feature: 

  • SPECT Sunglasses Flow-001Red Bull SPECT Eyewear logo on the arm 
  • Floating lens to absorb impact, deliver optimum ventilation, and provide an unobstructed view 
  • Completely polarised polycarbonate lens with 100% UV protection 
  • Anti-scratch and hydrophobic lens 

Price: $126.99 

Buy Spect Flow Eyewear Sunglasses 

100% Speedcraft Eyewear 

The Popular pair of performance shades that covers your face perfectly with style. The signature 100% lens has a cylindrical shield featuring 360-degree visibility in the riding position. The 100% Speedcraft Eyewear also has an ultra-grip rubber nose and a temple piece and great ventilation with a lower air scoop that helps be comfortable wearing them all day! 

These 100% Speedcraft Eyewear sunglasses features: 

  • Ultra HD lenses manufactured from high-impact resistant and lightweight polycarbonate 
  • 5.5-base cylindrical shield lens for increased peripheral view and protection 
  • 360º visibility for unobstructed views and optimal field of vision 
  • Interchangeable scratch-resistant lenses provide 100% UV protection (UV400) 
  • Lower air scoops to increase ventilation while reducing moisture on the lens 
  • Hydrophobic and Oleophobic lens treatment repels water, dirt, and oil 

Price: $122.99

Buy 100% Speedcraft Eyewear Sunglasses

Clever multitool 

Blackburn Wayside Multitool 

The Blackburn’s Wayside multi-tool is unlike any other tools on the market. The tool fits easily in any kind of pocket and it incorporates a numerous range of detachable hex keys in 2, 2.5, 3, 4, and 5 mm sizes. 

This Blackburn Wayside Multitool features:  

  • T25 and T30 Torx Heads 
  • 6 and 8mm stubby keys for pedals 
  • Chain break compatible with 7-11 speed chains 
  • Spoke wrenches 
  • Disk pad speader 
  • Presta valve core remover for tubeless setups 
  • Knife

Material : Steel 
Weight: 1.00kg 

Price: $44.59

Buy Blackburn’s Wayside multi tool 


Gore Wear Universal WS Knee Warmers 

With these permeable, quickly drying knee warmers, you can keep your knees toasty on chilly days. designed to cover the knees so you can modify your shorts for cooler weather 

This Gore Wear Universal WS Knee Warmer features: 

  • 4-way stretch fabric 
  • Elastic cuff at top edge with silicone grippers provides optimal fit and comfort 
  • Flatlock seams 
  • Highly functional material with high breathability and quick redrying time 
  • Reflective transfer print to mark right and left 
  • High moisture management 
  • Pre-shaped knees 

Price: $46.99 

Buy Gore Wear Universal WS Knee Wamers 

Gore Universal SO Leg Warmers 

With these breathable, quickly drying leg warmers, stay comfortable on chilly days. Shorts are made to provide knee and leg coverage so you can adjust them for cool weather. 

This Gore Universal SO leg warmer features: 

  • 4-way stretch fabric 
  • Elastic cuff at top edge with silicone grippers provides optimal fit and comfort 
  • Flatlock seams 
  • Highly functional material with high breathability and quick redrying time 
  • Reflective transfer print to mark right and left 
  • High moisture management 
  • Pre-shaped knees 

Price: $61.99 
Buy Gore Universal SO Leg Warmers 


Gore Wear Universal SO Arm Warmers 

In order to extend your training on chilly and windy days, adding a layer of GORE® WINDSTOPPER® protection to your standard setup may be the ideal supplement. For the ideal early-season setup, pair with a GORE® WINDSTOPPER® jersey. 

This Gore Wear Universal SO arm warmers features: 

  • GORE® WINDSTOPPER® products: totally windproof, extremely breathable, and durably water resistant 
  • Flatlock seams 
  • Fabric with versatile, medium thermal protection 
  • Weight: 70 grams  

Price: $33.99 
Buy Gore Wear Universal SO Arm Warmers 



Garneau Nimbus Gel Women's Gloves  

These high-quality gel gloves are made for Women. The Garneau Nimbus are the ideal gloves for summer rides!  

This Garneau Nimbus Gel Women's Gloves features: 

  • Upper Hand: AirFit Mesh - Lightweight spandex - Soft and lightweight microfiber thumb 
  • Palm: GTEX synthetic leather - Patented Ergo Air X-Vent ventilation - Strategically-placed silicone print 
  • Fingers: Patent-pending proprietary finger pullers 
  • Padding: Patented Biogel progressive padding 
  • Wrist Fastener: Low profile hook and loop wrist fastener 

Price: $31.99
Buy Garneau Nimbus Gel Women's Gloves 


Garneau Mondo Sprint 

The Mondo Sprint Cycling Gloves are made for people looking the push their performance to the next level. These gloves have plenty of technical features and are super comfy. 

This Garneau Mondo Sprint features: 

  • Upper Hand: Power Mesh and spandex provides great stretchability and ventilation 
  • Palm: ClarinoT palm, supple synthetic leather of premium quality - Patented Ergo Air® X-Vent palm evacuates moisture and ventilates to keep hands cool 
  • Padding: Patented Biogel progressive padding: Reduces pressure on the ulnar and median nerves, absorbs vibrations and reduces risks of hand injury 
  • Wrist Fastener: Hook and loop adjustable ergonomic cuff: Custom fit without pressure 
  • Features: Proprietary finger pullers - Soft microfiber thumb to wipe sweat - Seamless construction 
  • Visibility Features: 3M reflective logo: High visibility 

Price: $34.99 
Buy Garneau Mondo Sprint Gloves 


Maintenance Kit 

Oxford Brush & Scrub 

The ideal gift to do your basic bike maintenance in the comfort of your home. Wheely Clean, Big Softy, Double Stubble, and Prong Brush are included in the Oxford Brush and Scrub package. Every brush has strong, impact-resistant handles and nylon bristles that won't fray. 

This Oxford Brush & Scrub features: 

  • Double density construction 
  • Tough, impact-resistant handle 
  • Angled for easy use 
  • Long reach brush head 
  • Rubberized safety tip 

Price: $39.99 
Buy Oxford Brush & Scrub Tool 

General Protectant 500ml 

A powerful film-forming, all-purpose protectant that is highly effective in preventing moisture intrusion and causing damage to many kinds of components. Particularly appropriate for long-term storage and overwintering to preserve the condition of all parts, including electronics, rubber seals, metal fasteners, and moving parts. 

This General Protectant 500ml Features: 

  • Ideal for repelling moisture 
  • Enhances protection against dirt and grime 
  • The light wax coating ensures the longevity of protection 

Price: $15.99 
Buy General Protectant 500ml

Finish Line Super Bike Wash Cleaner 

Super Bike Wash™ has multiple purposes: spray on and wipe off, or spray on and hose off! 
It is powerful enough to clean the drivetrain of surface filth and secure enough to get rid of all the dirt that accumulates on the frame, saddle, brakes, and handlebar tape. Safe for clear coat, steel, titanium, aluminum, and carbon fiber. 

Price: $19.99 
Buy The Finish Super Bike Wash Cleaner 


Garneau Mérinos 60 W 

These socks are a good option for cold-weather riding because they are made with 60% Merino wool, which provides excellent moisture-wicking and thermoregulation. 

This Garneau Mérinos 60 W features: 

  • Yarns: 60% merino wool, 18% nylon, 16% polyester, 6% LYCRA® fiber 
  • Yarns' Properties: Breathable mesh - Merino wool: Odor resistant thanks to its antimicrobial properties, offers excellent moisture wicking and thermoregulation as well as exceptional softness 
  • Construction: Anatomic arch support: Optimal fit - Hand-linked toe seam for superior comfort - Slightly compressive double-layered cuff: Fit, comfort, and added protection against the cold 
  • Cuff Height: LG Long 7"/18 cm 
  • Midweight Moisture transfer: High 

Price: $10.99 
Buy Garneau Mérinos 60 W Socks 

Garneau Mérinos 60 

The Garneau Mérinos 60 warm socks are the ideal option for cold weather! They are also made of 60% Merino wool which has excellent moisture-wicking and thermoregulation properties. 

This Garneau Mérinos 60 Sock features : 

  • Yarns' Properties: Breathable mesh - Merino wool: Odor resistant thanks to its antimicrobial properties, offers excellent moisture wicking and thermoregulation as well as exceptional softness 
  • Construction : Anatomic arch support: Optimal fit - Durable, reinforced heel and toes - Hand-linked toe seam for superior comfort 
  • Cuff Height: LG Long 7"/18 cm 
  • Midweight Moisture transfer: High 

Price : $10.99 
Buy Garneau Mérinos 60 Socks 

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