Bike Travel Case Service: Trade-In Made Easy!

Alex Godbout Simard
  • 2 minutes

Cycling Avenue’s rigid bike travel case service is an easy, simple and safe way to ship your bike if you are looking to sell it directly to us or participate in our trade-in program. The box is shipped directly to your doorstep and the return shipping is included!

Once you are done packing your bike, a UPS of Fedex agent will pick it up at your convenience. The shipping label for the return trip will already be in the box. All you have to do is to schedule a pickup online or by phone. It’s turnkey! The whole process can be completed from the comfort of your home without having to source a box and the necessary protectors.

Manufactured by Thule, the travel case is not only sturdier than a regular cardboard box, it’s also designed to minimize the number of steps requires to safely pack your bike. This makes the whole process easier, even for those who have little to no mechanical experience. The protectors, the instruction sheet and a multi-tool are all included in the box. If you have any questions about the service or the boxing process, our customer service agents are here to help you. Once the bike arrives safely into our possession, we will inspect it and process your payment or your trade-up in the next two to five business days. Selling or upgrading your bike has never been easier!

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