Laurentians' Aerobic Corridor, the greatest multi-purpose trail

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My favourite place to ride is the Aerobic Corridor, which is in the Laurentians. The Aerobic Corridor is a multi-purpose trail (biking, running, walking and cross-country skiing in the winter) that spans 58 km between Morin-Heights and Amherst. The Aerobic Corridor used to be a railroad, but in the early 1960s the railroad was discontinued, and in 1996 the corridor was finally created.  

Photo Credit: Guillaume Milette

What I like about this long trail is the surrounding landscape. It feels like you are riding through a forest with the trees covering the trail overhead. Also, there are a lot fewer people on the Aerobic Corridor than on the “Petit Train du Nord” (The Little Train of the North), which makes the experience more enjoyable. There are even a few mountain bike trails along the Aerobic Corridor, which makes my gravel bike rides a little more exciting! 

I like to park at Morin-Heights and then go for a gravel bike ride. From the Aerobic Corridor, I can go to several different places that I love to rediscover each time. These are Red River Road to Grenville and Jack Rabbit Road to Sainte-Agathe. Jack Rabbit Road is a gravel trail with a lot of elevation change that is located between Montcalm and Sainte-Agathe, and to get there the best option is to go down the Aerobic Corridor from Morin-Heights. 

Photo Credit: Guillaume Milette

Sometimes, I ride to the end of the Aerobic Corridor and then head to Mont-Tremblant and back on the “Petit Train du Nord”. It's a great way to combine the two Laurentian bike paths in the same outing and enjoy long car-free roads.

As a triathlete, what I like to do after my bike ride is to go for a run on the Aerobic Corridor or on the trails that run along the corridor. There are several hiking and trail running trails that are great to discover! I especially enjoy running on this corridor since the surface is gravel, which is much more pleasant than running on asphalt. 

Photo Credit: Guillaume Milette

When riding along the corridor, one passes through several towns along the way: Morin-Heights, Wentworth-Nord, Saint-Adolphe d'Howard, Lac-des-Seize-Iles, Montcalm, Arundel, Huberdeau, and Amherst.

In Arundel, there is the sandwich shop, La Maison au coin. It's a nice place to have a coffee or a snack.

Usually, when I ride along Red River Road, I always end up stopping at the sandwich shop to get a little espresso to give me a little boost for the remaining 30 km.

Lastly, I strongly recommend that you discover the Aerobic Corridor!

-Antoine Jolicoeur Desroches, Cycling Avenue Ambassador

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