Terry, my Cannondale Lefty gravel bike

  • 2 minutes

Let me introduce you to my gravel bike, Terry.

Original and uncommon, sometimes he is judged by his look.

Let's be honest, I was puzzled by his asymmetrical look myself. I didn't understand the purpose of the suspension until I did my research. And more importantly, before I tested it!

Usually, I like simple frames, defined by beautiful, straight, thin lines.

The goal of Cannondale's Slate technology was to make the experience enjoyable.

Having fun, lots of fun on this versatile bike, was the main goal behind its creation. And that's exactly what I wanted to do with it.

After a nice long ride on gravel roads, a few segments on asphalt, and even a rocky descent on a mountain bike terrain, I tested Terry's abilities. I can now assure you that I am IN LOVE with my beautiful Cannondale Slate equipped in Shimano Ultegra. It is light, practical, comfortable, fast, and very nice looking.

The suspension on the side activates and deactivates surprisingly very easily. I can use it as a road bike since it is very stiff and performs well on climbs. When the terrain is a bit more rock and roll, I activate the suspension and Terry transforms into a hardtail bike.

I smile from ear-to-ear every time I ride this bike. I feel confident and powerful enough to ride anywhere!

What I love most about gravel riding is that I feel free. Freedom being a more than satisfying state for me is the best feeling in the world! That's what the feeling of having pedals under your feet brings me! With a gravel bike, there’s even more freedom. No cars or pedestrians to watch out for, just rustic landscapes. I like to say that I feel like a wild animal at full gallop when I ride with Terry.

On gravel, there is no rush. I live in the moment. The more technical segments allow me to focus. I must stay alert on the course at all times. Too often we live in the future. So when we’re outdoors on a bike, it's time to decompress from the daily grind and enjoy life!

If I had to do it all over again, I would choose Terry the gravel bike, without a doubt and once again, among all the gravel bikes in the world.

One love Terry.

Krystel Thibault-Lauzon – Cycling Avenue Ambassador