The gravel roads of St-Julien

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I love riding with my friend Simon, it's simple, we discover new places, we have fun, we give it our all. In short, our rides are always of great quality!

A little while ago Simon suggested to go riding in his native village, Saint-Julien. I must admit that I had to do a quick Google search to find this village located in Chaudière-Appalaches. It looks magical! Maybe we'll even find some hobbits! Ok, we’re in!

The more we approach Saint-Julien, the more we realize that there is not a flat land to be seen around here! The area has nothing to envy to the Laurentians and the Eastern Townships! 

All the villages that we come across are magnificent, so clean and perched on the hillside. Without even having talked to the locals, you can feel their friendliness and their pride. 

Thanks to Simon's indications, I had prepared a nice 115km ride with almost 2500m of D+. I am already in love with the place, it is so beautiful! 

On the way, Simon tells us a little about his years living here as we pass by some places that brings him  back memories. "We once had a huge party in this barn right there 😊" he says. 

The more we keep going, the more it feels like we’re in Tuscany on the "Strade Bianche". What an amazing discovery, I already know that we will be coming back! It’s just paths & paths & paths of gravel roads everywhere and there’s no one else here riding other than us.

It's always fun to ride with Simon because his appreciation of beautiful landscapes and the present moment is unparalleled. He works so hard in his day-to-day life that our occasional getaways do him a world of good and allow him to take a step back and put things in perspective.

The landscapes (and the numerous climbs...) are breathtaking. We discuss with a resident of Vianney who indicates us where to go to look for water... in the magic source! I knew that we were going to find hobbits! We stop also at Le Cent-Ans where people are swimming in this small natural basin that’s absolutely magnificent. 

We finish the ride with a last climb towards Saint-Julien because the village is at the top of the hill. I spent one of my most beautiful days on a bike, nothing less. 

Final count: 10 cars, 25 windmills, hundreds of butterflies, 0 convenience store.

If you want to discover a unique place that will take you back in time and blow your mind, head for Saint-Julien!

-Alex Provost, Cycling Avenue Ambassador

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