The « Road Closed to Thru Traffic » sign

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"Till April's dead, change not a thread" as they say in Quebec. But when we want to enjoy the outdoors on our bike at that time of year, we must go towards the south, right?

We got the urge to ride towards wherever was warmer than here, ideally on nice country roads and after quite a bit of research, we ended up looking up directions to Lewisburg, West Virginia.

Road-trip towards the south – here we come! We discover then a small & charming typical city of the American Southeast. The region is sometimes agricultural and often very hilly. I plan the adventures with online tools like Google Maps and that brings us on small sinuous roads. It's beautiful, you feel like you're on a classic Belgian road!


We then take the opportunity to discover the spectacular Highland Scenic Highway where we feel alone in the world. These medium sized mountains are of a great beauty!

After a few days of fruitful exploration, the adventure of the day leads us on a road, which becomes a small road, which becomes a quad trail, which becomes a hiking trail, which becomes a field. Not very conducive to the practice of road biking! We then have no choice but to go in navigation mode, yay!

After a good section of off-trail riding in something that could possibly look like a road, I understand a bit more clearly why the gps road brought us towards here… formerly, there was a road! Ha!


Our friend Google played a good trick on us! And that’s why it's always important to validate your routes with several sources because sometimes you can get little surprises. But hey... what's better than a little surprise to spice up a good day! It definitely spiced ours!


In the end, it was a week of more than 500 km in a region full of small hidden roads and nice surprises! Ideal to stretch your legs at the beginning of the season! 

It is certainly a place to (re)discover when the American border opens again. 

Alex Provost - Cycling Avenue Ambassador

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