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The tourist guide in 8 points.  

Having spent every summer of my childhood in the Bas-St-Laurent, this region has become my secret paradise for road biking but also for gravel biking! 

I have explored almost every corner imaginable, especially in the area of Trois-Pistoles, where my second home is located!  

In this article, I hope to make you want to visit the region by telling you about my favorite roads, but also about the tourist places (or less) that you should not miss!

1- Finish the outing with a poutine and a fish burger at the Cantine d'amour in Trois-Pistoles.

In my opinion, the best poutine in the world! Let yourself be surprised by the U-shaped counter inside. They have recently renovated the place, it has lost some of its retro cachet, but the authentic and unique layout has been preserved. Let yourself be tempted by my classic, a good cream soda. 

2-The route verte from Saint-Simon to St-Éloi followed by a return trip on the 132 with the wind likely to be in your back for the return trip!

It's so easy to follow, no need to worry about anything. You follow the signs for the route verte and you're done! The beauty of it is that you can stop whenever you want and simply take the 132 to complete your loop. A mandatory stop at the Fromagerie des Basques, a must in the region. You absolutely have to take a bag of cheese curds. If you go back to eat in a cottage where there is an oven, don't miss the seafood lasagna and the homemade sugar pie.  

3- The ascent of St-Mathieu, the lap around the lake with a little dip! 

My trick is to hide my bathing suit bottoms in my back pocket to jump on the beach at Lac St-Mathieu on the way back! On this course, there is a lot of elevation change, on a nice asphalt road that has just been redone!  

4- A long one for a slush and some buns!

I discovered this ride from Rimouski this summer. A magnificent 200 km of new asphalt, almost all the way. The view on the golden fields is beautiful. It's the perfect road to get lost in your thoughts. There is not much on the road so you need to bring water and snacks. Towards the end of the loop is my favorite coffee shop in the area! A little gold mine. The coffee is good and they have oat milk (unlike many places in the area!). The Brioches et Babioles coffee shop is a must when you pass by the village of St-Arsène. The homemade buns are decadent and if you're a fan of trinkets like soy candles, it's time to let loose and try to bring said candle in your handlebar bag!  

ice cream

5- The Bic Park.

Surprise! The Bic national park can be done by bike and it's magical! On a small gravel road, whether on a road bike or on a gravel bike, the landscape is so beautiful that it's totally destabilizing. We literally have the impression to be on a trip in a Basque country! The islands of the BIC are breathtaking. The route in the park is not very long but it is the perfect place to stop for a picnic. You can camp in a yurt, as long as you book a few months in advance, not to say a year in advance! Otherwise, there is always room at the regular Bic campground. You should try to stay for the sunset because it is the most beautiful in the world! It's infinitely romantic. Then, in the village of Bic, there is the canteen of chez Saint-Pierre, one of the most famous restaurants in Canada. Cantine Côtière has a lot of surprises in store for you, natural wine, fresh oysters, anti pasto with local seaweed, shrimp sliders, alcoholic slushies, there is something for everyone. Be careful, it's not cheap, but it's worth it to go once or twice. 

6- Microbrewery Le Caveau 

A cold one post bike, it's the local micro with an excellent food menu! Try to finish your ride on a Sunday, there is a nice little farmer's market in the parking lot every Sunday in the summer.  

7- Ste-Flavie direction!

Microbrewery le Ketch - definitely my favorite microbrewery in the Bas-St-Laurent. To get there, you can leave from Rimouski. I recommend the church parking lot at the BIC. Especially since it is the same parking lot as the Cantine Côtière de Colombe Saint-Pierre. This exit, leaving Rimouski, follows the bicycle path on the waterfront. It is quite magnificent with almost no difference in altitude, contrary to the other proposed routes inland which are with many climbs. For a total of 100 km, round trip that can be done in landscape observation mode or in rocket mode, as you wish! Beware of the headwind on the way back that could surprise you! Don't take too many beers at the Ketch! This being said, on the food side, the poutine with northern shrimps or the cod acras are not to be missed! 

8- Ste-Luce-sur-mer

Its beautiful beach and its creamery a good refreshing combo! It almost feels like Cape Cod here! You can easily get to Ste-Luce-sur-mer from Trois-Pistoles. With almost no change in altitude, it's a nice straight road that goes along the seaside.  

Here are a few ideas that should make you fall in love with the Bas-St-Laurent!

 Ride On! 

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