We the People

We are cyclists, employees, public figure in the cycling community who are passionate, dedicated and inspired. We love the outdoors, we ride and take rest days, we eat healthy, we drink beer, love adventure, but most importantly, we love bikes. We are Cycling Avenue.

Our Ambassador Kelsey is sharing with us her Coffee Climb Essentials

In addition to possibly being your child's next PE teacher, Kelsey is a former British Columbia Downhill Champion and a mountain bike coach for Les chèvres de montagne. She is the baker of the best chocolate muffins, and one of the biggest jokesters around! Kelsey is also one of the most positive people you will ever meet!

Krystel works as a development and partnership advisor for Opération Enfant Soleil and is the founder of Les limettes.cc, a cycling collective supporting female victims of domestic violence. She is also a partner at Le Braquet, so Krystel is definitely what we would call a natural philanthropist. In her free time, she loves to road cycle and partake in bikepacking adventures.

Former BMX champion turned endurance gravel bike rider, road racer, and mountain bike enthusiast, Steven likes to try everything! You may have even seen him in a Cirque du Soleil show performing amazing tricks on his BMX! One thing is for sure, Steven is not afraid of anything. In the winter, you'll probably run into him at Taz or on Zwift, but as soon as the sun is warm enough, he's already outside!

He's the type of person you follow on Instagram and think, “WOW, how does he do it?” Day or night riding is no problem for him, as long as he finds ice cream pitstops along the way to refuel. Henri will complete one of the biggest challenges of his life this year; cycling across Canada in less than 30 days. We're telling you right now, not following Henri and his adventures is clearly missing out on a source of motivation for your 2022 season.

Personal trainer by profession, Guillaume is ready to take on all types of challenges. Formerly a Downhill rider, he now focuses on triathlons as a personal goal. He has truly dabbled in every type of cycling possible. A videographer and vanlife builder in his spare time, Guillaume is the ultimate role model for improving your physical and cycling performance.

Originally from Montreal and riding for over 10 years, Fred proudly wears the colors of the Messorem Cycling Club @messoremclubcycliste. You'll definitely see him at the 3 rides his club organizes weekly. With an average of over 20,000 km of road and gravel cycling under his belt each year, Fred is what we call a true enthusiast.

Last summer I decided to start building a garden and the result was very impressive. Seems like I am pretty handy and possibly a carpenter in the making.

As GM, my role is to "Get S**t Done"! From partnerships with world-renowned brands, to warehouse operations, and marketing initiatives, my job is to coordinate and align our internal teams to succeed at achieving our strategies, all while keeping our head above water.