Ambassador Spotlight: Henri Do

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We have partnered with new ambassadors for 2022 and it is finally time to reveal the new crew with a quick interview to discover who they are behind the scenes. 
Without waiting any longer, here is: 

Henri Do aka Henki

What is your job? 
Senior Advisor in Business Intelligence 

Where are you from and where do you live now? 
I am from Brossard and I am currently living in Montreal since 2017. 

The cycling discipline you specialize in?   
I am an ultra cyclist. 
Your dream ride/destination? 
Not necessarily a specific road or a destination but rather a dream ultra-cycling race. The Transcontinental Race in Europe and the Tour Divide, which is a mountain bike race that crosses the Rockies from Canada to New Mexico. 

Your greatest achievement on two wheels / what you are most proud of? 
The Ultra Défi, a 1000 km ultra cycling race that I won in 2020. 

The one song you sing the most (out loud or in your head) when you ride? 
My musical choices vary through the years and seasons but right now I'm on a Worakls vibe. 
If you had to eat the same thing every day for the rest of your life, what would it be? 
Ice cream, of course 😉 

How many bikes do you have and which is your favorite/why? 
I have 7 bikes but the real answer is n+1! My favorite bike is my BMC TM01 with which I have ridden more than 50,000 km since 2016, which has survived several accidents, collisions with vehicles, potholes and other adventures, it has lived a good life and has sentimental value to me.  

Post ride snack? 
It would be a crime if it wasn't ice cream 😉   

Your “must watch” bike video content? 
All the videos of Lael Wilcox that can be found on YouTube but especially those of the series "Rapha Gone Racing".  

What are your cycling plans for 2022? 
Many projects and challenges for 2022 but the biggest one will be the TransCanada Bike Race. This will be the inaugural edition of this 12,500 km ultra-cycling race across Canada from Yukon to Newfoundland. 

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