Staff Spotlight: Gabriel-A. Girard A.

Emilie Hauss
  • 2 minutes

Gabriel-A. Girard A.

Nickname: Gab, Gabi, Gaga

1- Your role at Cycling Avenue?

I work as a Business development coordinator.

2- How many bikes do you have and which one is your favourite/why?

I own 4 bikes and I swear by my gravel bike for its versatility and taste for adventure.

3- Your dream ride/destination?

I love the southern United States. I've been to New Mexico a few times and my next destination would be to ride the trails of Crested Butte, Colorado on a mountain bike.

4- Complete the sentence: I ride for...

Good food and beer in good company without a doubt!

5- Post ride snack?

Post ride burritos are the best.

6- The one song you sing the most (out loud or in your head) when you ride?

Knocking Boots by Luke Bryan as much for bike rides or when I'm in my car driving to the cottage.

7- Your biggest crash/fright?

On my BMX, a little too sure of my ability to bunny hop at full speed in descents, I separated my shoulder when I fell to the ground...

8- Your hidden talent?

Last summer I decided to start building a garden and the result was very impressive. Seems like I am pretty handy and possibly a carpenter in the making.

9- What are you known for?

I’m a fast learner. In fact, I have decided to learn alpine skiing this year for my next trip in Italy.

10- Your “must watch” bike video content?

TrainerRoad always plays when I’m on my trainer. Also "BMX Bandit" with Nicole Kidman is a must to watch on a Friday night to get ready for the weekend.

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