Staff Spotlight: Alain Bovet

Emilie Hauss
  • 2 min

Alain Bovet

1- Your role at Cycling Avenue?

As GM, my role is to "Get S**t Done"! From partnerships with world-renowned brands, to warehouse operations, and marketing initiatives, my job is to coordinate and align our internal teams to succeed at achieving our strategies, all while keeping our head above water. I am lucky to have a wicked team to accomplish the goals we’ve set to reach, so this makes my day-to-day easier.

2- How many bikes do you have, and which is your favourite/why?

Doesn’t everyone have N+1 bikes? Currently I am relying on an Opus Horizon 1 for my gravel rides, Norco Ithaca for fatbiking and a Rocky Mountain Instinct BC Edition for mountain biking.  My favourite bike is always the right one for the job ;). I do own a few other Opus prototypes (from my days at Opus Bikes) but those don’t count in the N+1 equation…

3- Your dream ride/destination?

Ah the bucket list…BC Bike Race, Cape Epic, touring in the Alps, Tour Divide, Taiwan KOM, what else? Too few days, too many spots.

4- Complete the sentence: I ride for...

FUN and sometimes to crush my friends.

5- Post ride snack?

Beer. Always beer. 

6- The one song you sing the most (out loud or in your head) when you ride?

I am a terrible singer, so most likely some out of tune AC/DC.

7- Your biggest crash/fright?

Back in my XC-marathon racing days, in the lead-out of a 90km race, someone passed the controlled pack on the shoulder of a narrow bike path. He clipped my handlebar, and in turn, I clipped the handlebar of the person next to me. It happened to be a well-known Olympian mountain-biker next to me. It caused a major crash and pile-up. Let’s just say no one was very pleased. I split my leg open 2-3 inches, yet I managed to race to the finish.

8- Your hidden talent?

If I tell you, it would no longer be hidden. It might involve BBQing, campfires, and a canoe.

9- What are you known for?

For having a pick-up truck and…always ready to help a friend in need. 😊

10- Your “must watch” bike video content?

Where the trail ends. Great movie.

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