Curated gear by our experts

Our offer extends beyond bicycles

At Cycling Avenue, we take great pride in refurbishing bikes, components and parts, but we also want to extend our selection to be the one-stop shop for all cyclists looking for more performance per dollar invested.

With the help of Cycling Avenue’s community, we wish to maximize the use of all cycling products and ensure that they don't end up in the trash, especially apparel, parts and components.

We seek to deliver great value on ever-changing selections of apparel, shoes, helmets, trainers, and accessories with prices generally 20% to 50% below regular prices.

Multiple purchasing channels

Our meticulous buyers are scouting the market to find a wide variety of opportunities, which can include close-outs from bicycle stores, manufacturer surplus, or end-of-season deals from distributors.

On the consumer side of things, we also offer cyclists (yes you!) the opportunity to get rid of their old or extra cycling parts, components, or trainers in exchange for cash or credit.

These items can then find a new purpose and offer kilometers of happiness to a new cycling enthusiast. Now that’s what we call a win-win!

Whatever we meticulously buy, we do it with purpose and with your taste in mind. We never buy broken, defective or goods used beyond their designed lifetime.

We’re seasoned shoppers, just like you

We are on the hunt throughout the year for the hottest cycling brand names of clothing, footwear, components, and accessories for women, men, and kids. We negotiate the lowest possible price and pass the savings on!

Being cyclists ourselves, we make sure that all items being sold on our website are up to our own riding and quality standards. If we don't think you'll like it, we don't buy it.

We buy from all kinds of merchants: big cycling brand names to more niche and up-and-coming labels. Everyone has their own and unique taste, so we make sure to choose many different colors, styles, fabrics, and materials so there are always lots of great choices for you to look good and ride even better.

Our rapidly changing selection of products and wide variety of one-of-a-kind items create that “treasure hunt” shopping experience that makes our customers (and even our own employees) want to come back every day to find the unique piece they’ve been looking for so long!

We treat every item like it’s unique

Every wheel, trainer, part, component, and apparel piece that we refurbish goes through a thorough process. We make no compromise and take no shortcuts.

We evaluate, inspect, take-apart, clean and reassemble every component and part that comes through our workshop. Trained by the best brands, our technicians and gear experts have the knowledge and expertise to recognize the small defects in every item and put it aside if need be. We only want you to have the best of the best.

We take great pride in taking photos of each item on its own. What you see really is what you get!