What payment methods do you offer?
e-Transfers or in-store credit from our partner bike shops are the two payment methods we use on all trade-ins.
How promptly will I receive payment/credit?
e-Transfers are sent within 3-5 business days after your bike is received and inspected at our warehouse. If you choose to trade-in your bike in one of our partner bike shops, you will receive an in-store credit instantly.
How do I trade-in my bike?
To trade-in your bicycle, you need to start by completing the form here. We will contact you by email with a trade-in value. If you accept our offer, you have two options to trade-in your bicycle.

1) A Cycling Avenue team member can meet you at your home or work once you’ve booked an appointment for pick-up. See our geographic coverage area for home pickup for the Montreal Metropolitan Area.


2) You can choose to bring your bike to one of our partner bike shops in most major cities across Canada. See our geographic coverage area for in-store trade-in.
Who decides how much my bike is worth?
Trade-in values for bicycles are determined by a vast market research based on an exclusive database of more than 75,000 bicycles models. Be informed that the exchange value is subject to change following the final evaluation at our warehouse or in one of our partner bike shops.
How long is my offer valid for?
The trade-in value quoted in our offer is valid for one-month.
What happens if the bike traded-in does not meet the minimum condition requirements?
The bike must correspond to the information submitted on the form, be in good condition and functional. If the bike requires maintenance, repair or does not match the form details, we, or our partner bike shop, will deduct the necessary cost from the value of the trade-in. Bikes that are not accepted will be shipped back at the owner’s expense. Cycling Avenue reserves the right to refuse trade-ins for other conditions. See the form for the full list of conditions.
I have a really old bike that shows a lot of wear, can I trade it in?
Bikes are made to be ridden! We understand that after a few years, your bike might have a few scratches and show a little bit of wear. We will accept your trade-in as long as your bike is free of structural dents, has all required parts and components, and is in good enough condition for resale. If not, we will unfortunately have to refuse it.