Packaging Guide

Your satisfaction is important to us! You will find below the steps to follow in order to properly package and ship your bike to Cycling Avenue.

If you encounter any difficulties, you can contact our customer service department, we will be happy to help you.

Before you start

Tools and materials which you will need:

  • A multi-tool and/or an Allen key set.
  • A few pieces of foam or cardboard to use as protectors.
  • Zip-ties or non-marking masking tape.
  • One carboard bike box (maximum dimensions 52’’ long x 30’’ high x 8’’ wide). If you are packing a large mountain bike, XL-XXL road bike, fatbike, or an e-bike, you may need two boxes or one smaller box for the front wheel (approx. 31’’ long x 31’’ high x 7’’ wide).

Disassemble / Steps

Remove the pedals. The left pedal has an inverted thread.
Using the gear levers and turning the cranks, shift the chain to the smallest chainring of the crankset and the biggest cog of the rear cassette.
Remove the front wheel quick-release or remove the front thru-axle. Remove the front wheel.
Install and secure rigid protectors under the fork drop-out and on the side of the rear derailleur. This is important to protect your bike during transport.
Install and secure the foam protectors on the frame, the fork and the handlebar. You can use zip-ties or non-marking masking tape to hold protectors in place. Do not use duct tape or any other tape directly on the frame as it could damage the paint
Using the appropriate tool, remove all the stem bolts securing the handlebar. Screw them back loosely in place with the stem cap.
Place the handlebar on the non-drive-side of the frame (opposite side of the derailleurs). The left-hand side of the handlebar should rest on the top tube and the right-hand side of the handlebar should be at the bottom near the fork. Secure the handlebar in place with zip-ties or tape, while ensuring there is protection between the handlebar and the frame.

Road Bike

Mountain bike

Undo the seat bolt clamp just enough to be able to slip the seat post and the saddle out of the frame. Protect the seat post with foam or cardboard.
If your bike is equipped with a dropper seat post, make sure it is released in its highest position. Undo the seat bolt clamp and remove it from the frame. Disconnect the cable to release the post and set it aside. Retighten the seat bolt clamp slightly

Rotate the bike 180 degrees so the drivetrain is now facing away from you. You will need to attach the front wheel to the frame. If your front wheel has a disc brake, the disc rotor should be facing you.

Ensure the center of the wheel (the hub) is not touching the frame. Secure the wheel to the top tube, the fork, and the chain stay.

IMPORTANT : If attaching the front wheel to the frame exceeds the width of the box, pack the front wheel separately in a second box. Alternatively, you can box both wheels in a separate box if the main box is too short.
Secure the saddle and seat post assembly to the bike.

Put the bike in the box. Do not place it upside down. Add filling protection to prevent the bike from moving in the box. Pay attention to parts that could tear or pass through the cardboard box.

Please make sure to include all necessary small parts securely in the box, using a small bag or box if necessary: front quick release, battery charger for electric transmissions, charger for e-bike and other accessories that came with the bike.

Close the box and tape it securely. Remove any older shipping label stickers from the outside of the box. Place the shipping or return label on TOP the box.

Ready to ship!

*Cycling Avenue is not responsible for damages that may occur during transport.

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