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Tacx Boost Trainer

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Trainer Type
Wheel-on trainers
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Tacx Boost Trainer (2017)
The Booster is the most powerful basic trainer and can generate high resistance at low speeds. If you set the handlebar resistance lever to a high position you have to exert a lotof force whileadvancing slowly, just like when you tackle a steep climb. This makes the Booster highly suitable for power based workouts.

The Boosteriscontrolled by a lever on your steer, allowing you to set the resistance as required. The higher the position, the more resistance.
Trainer Type Wheel-on trainers
Year 2017
Smart No
Max. Wattage 1050 W
Compatibility Campagnolo, FSA, Sram, Shimano, Sram XDR
Calibration No
Cadence No
Cassette Included No
ERG Mode No
Weight 8.53 kg
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